Comment to support market-based strategies submitted to Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

On Friday (6/29) on behalf of the Alex C. Walker Foundation, Georgia Aquarium, the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC), 19 endorsing organizations and 7 individuals, I submitted a public comment to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary about proposed changes to their regulations and zoning scheme.  This was a rapid turnaround project launched on Monday (6/25) after I returned from a 10-day dive trip in Mexico without e-mail access and discovered that the original coalition I had helped to develop for the comment had changed their views on some critical aspects of our proposed approaches.  It was extremely gratifying to develop, in less than four days, a comment presenting four market-based strategies that would change the status quo and potentially provide sustainable long-term financial sources to support ecosystem-level restoration of the marine environment.

Given the extent of this coalition that helped develop and then signed onto the comment, I am very hopeful that these market-based entrepreneurial options for marine environment restoration will actually be given serious consideration!  Many of us will continue to be actively engaged in encouraging the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to do so.  Details about NOAA’s public comment process can be found at  The submitted PDF is attached for your reading pleasure.

Comment on Boundaries Regulations and Zoning Scheme for FKNMS_062912_ Alex C Walker Foundation_Georgia Aquarium_PERC

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