Informed Creativity

As our world becomes more connected and interdependent, the demands on global resources (not the least of which is time) incur greater opportunity costs. Throughout history, societies have reached the tipping point between abundant survival and abject subsistence. It seems, at least to me, that we are facing another such tipping point. We can choose to approach our next steps in careless ways, destroying the precious resources that remain, or we can choose to employ greater amounts of creativity to liberate greater value from those resources.

History demonstrates that human creativity has repeatedly been the saving grace from collapse. As such, if we are serious about an increasing and sustainable standard of living, then informed creativity on a massive, distributed, and real-time scale is required. Everything from waste processing, energy production, and materials management to population issues, social interaction, and sustainable growth requires increasingly informed creativity and decision-making in order to create solutions. We live in a time where vast swaths of the population can readily access abundant amounts of accurate information. With a world full of people and machines for processing, it is an insult that we are still grappling with environmental degradation, mismanagement, and social woes. Such, however, is the nature of a work in progress. We all have the good fortune of being able to help shape the journey. Here are some links to help get the creative juices flowing. Enjoy:

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