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Welcome to our blog, Gaia Endeavors! The Internet has fostered and helped develop an abundance of good ideas, forever changing the worldwide economy, while bringing those ideas to a wider, more accessible audience than ever before. We believe that the Internet and social media have the potential to make a substantial, meaningful impact on solving the world’s environmental and social problems, so we decided to join the conversation.

Gaia was the Greek goddess personifying Earth, effectively the Greek representation of “Mother Nature.” Our blog carries the name of Gaia with the hope that our interactions and conversations can help to speed solutions to Earth’s many challenges. We thought it particularly appropriate to launch Gaia Endeavors the week after Mother’s Day to highlight the drive for positive, sustainable growth.

Earth provides an abundance of resources for sustenance and healthy development if we are careful stewards. One of our goals is to encourage innovative ideas and approaches that will contribute to sustainable development. Thus far, the best approach that we have found for addressing environmental challenges is through diverse, well-informed discussion and practical, effective implementation. We have created these platforms to contribute to the conversation. Please join us!

Brett Howell & Arya Mazdyasni

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